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13-Dockyard Road,
West Wharf,
Karachi. Pakistan.

UAN: 111-111-175
Fax: +92-21-2312812
E-mail: info@bifs.com.pk
Info Techonolgy
BOML-CFS’s operations are almost synonymous with its Information Technology arm. Today, BOML-CFS is the most efficient CFS in Pakistan because of its IT support infrastructure.

Our In-house designed Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the backbone of our operations. Our WMS allows us to track and locate cargo, conduct RND services, monitor inbound/outbound logistics, facilitate clearing agents and consignees, record cargo data, interlink all operational departments on a single platform, create an online link to Pakistan Customs, and keep our operations as paperless as possible.

To enhance operations and as per requirement by Pakistan Customs, BOML-CFS is able to maintain 24/7 connectivity with Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited (PRAL) and Customs Administrative Reform (CARE).

Thanks to its IT department, BOML-CFS has enhanced its security via its online CCTV monitoring system with 30-day recording periods.

Part of the IT department’s ongoing development and expansion program, BOML-CFS has invested in the latest technology. This includes the latest IBM servers that will give BOML-CFS data warehousing and storage area network capabilities. With the correct IT infrastructure in place, the next step is the development of a DATA center with call center facilities.
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