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Karachi. Pakistan.

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Cold Storage
Whether an exporter or importer of perishable cargo, BOML-CFS now provides you a vital link in the cold chain. In the immediate vicinity of Karachi Port your outbound or inbound cargo can be consolidated or deconsolidated and kept in our Cold Stores at the temperature your product requires, all the while ensuring there is no loss in product quality.

Our team’s experience and professionalism in port logistics and cargo handling will help clients make the most out of the facility on offer.

Why pay extremely high fares to import or export perishable items via air or pay expensive plug-in charges inside the container terminals? We now offer you affordable temperature-controlled storage within our Pakistan Customs bonded CFS facility.

For further inquiries, please contact our operations team.
Mini Cold Storage:
    •    Italian Refrigeration plant
    •    Internationally Accredited Insulated Polyurethane Sandwich Panels
    •    Fully insulated cold rooms
    •    Chiller can operated between -5°C and +17°C
    •    Freezer can reach -25°C

Commodities that can be stored:
    •    Fresh or Frozen Fruits and Vegetables
    •    Processed Meats
    •    Fish
    •    Poultry
    •    Dairy Products
    •    Processed Foods
    •    Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines
    •    Temperature Sensitive Electronic Items

Storage Capacity
    •    Freezer: 37 cubic meters
    •    Chiller: 46 cubic meters

    •    Location Advantage- Within Karachi Port and immediate access to the City and Highway network
    •    Reefer Deconsolidation/Consolidation
    •    Chiller and Freezer storage
    •    Cross Docking
    •    Customs Bonded Facility
    •    Cargo Handling- strict handling procedures and disciplines to prevent loss in product temperature
          and product quality
    •    Regular product temperature record taking and monitoring
    •    24 Hour Security and Surveillance
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